Monday, December 14, 2009

The Sacred Blacksmith, Episodes 9 and 10: Vestige -Lisa- and Double Suicide -Tragedy-

sacred blacksmith luke
After a nice long weekend, it's back to watching my anime! I am really happy I decided to get back into the groove of things with the last two episodes of The Sacred Blacksmith, because this was honestly some great stuff, better then I've come to expect from this show. Episode 10 in particular was easily the show's best episode to date.

The episodes connect into each other a bit, and I'm glad I watched them together, but all I really want to talk about is episode 10. My little theory about how the better Cecily is, the better the show is has never felt more true. She was amazingly capable in the episode, and I got really excited and involved in her fight. I never had that confidence that you often get watching anime that everything was going to turn out okay, and that makes any fight more compelling. The plotline was tragic but really well done, and they set up some great stuff for the show's ending. 

It's amazing to see how far The Sacred Blacksmith has come since the extremely generic first episode. It looks like they're going to go all out for the last two episodes, and I can't wait to see what is planned. It should be pretty epic stuff.

Rating: 90/100


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