Friday, December 11, 2009

The Book of Bantorra, Episode 10: An Eccentric, a Mother, and the Black Ants' Nest

Onto The Book of Bantorra's excellently named 10th episode! This anime starts up a new story arc with this episode, but it remains as confounding as ever. I seriously think that this might be the most unpredictable anime of all time.

I didn't enjoy this episode quite as much as the last one, but I seriously doubt that'll be a problem. This is definitely the sort of anime that gets better as more pieces of the story come together. I wasn't crazy about the Mokkania but Bantorra always has plenty of curveballs to throw.

Watching this anime experience. I have no idea what to expect from it. I feel like at this point, things could just devolve into a bunch of cliches and that would be shocking. All I can do is sit back and enjoy the ride.

Rating: 87/100


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